3D Full-Body Motion Capture

I am happy to announce that the MySwing 3D Full-Body Motion Capture System is now available at Purestrike Golf Academy in Destin, Florida.  MySwing is the game-changing tool that uses the study of human movement—or biomechanics—to help golfers improve their overall swing.  Through the motion-capture technology, it will now allow me to analyze students’ body movement throughout the entire golf swing.

MySwing comes with 17 small, lightweight sensors that attach to various points on the student’s body and the club shaft.  The sensors are able to capture the motion data, which is transmitted wirelessly to a tablet where it is stored to be analyzed.

With the MySwing system we will be able to measure, analyze and view the golf swing frame by frame and at various speeds.  We also will be able to add body lines, angles, traces and evaluate kinematic graphs to check mechanics which will allow us to achieve a more effective evaluation.

We are also able to compare two swings from any angle, time or position throughout the swing. Playback swings at different speeds and synch two swings at any point.  Why is this important?  When a player is swinging their best, it’s vital to capture what the body is doing to produce a certain ball flight. It’s equally important to capture the poor swings to identify the areas for improvement.  The MySwing software gives us the tool to access that information.

It doesn’t stop at just measuring, though, as we can take it one step further by providing corrective measures in the form of drills and/or cueing that addresses a particular golfer’s deficiency.

Though video analysis is still a great tool that we use daily in almost all lessons, the 3D system allows for a deeper look at the golf swing.  Comparatively speaking, it is taking an MRI of your swing rather than just an X-ray.

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