Sweetspot Path


Sweetspot A single point on the clubface where a ball is most effectively hit.

Sweetspot Path – A line on the ground which the Sweetspot would literally covers from release point to impact.  For reference, release point is on the downswing when the clubshaft is parallel to the target line and is horizontal to the ground.

Other Names
Plane, swing plane, clubhead path, one-plane, two-plane, Hogan’s plane of glass, plane board

VisionTrack_Pro_DemoSweetspot Path – Path to Success
As the clubface approaches the golf ball, it travels on a diagonal angle — not along your target line (straight back straight through).  We call this angle the Sweetspot Path because it’s the line on top of which the clubface’s sweetspot travels into impact.  This diagonal angle is approximately 11 degrees.  The degrees will vary slightly from club to club due to the length of the golf club being used.

The Sweetspot Path replaces the plane board that is so widely spoken about in golf, and provides an on the ground visual to assure that the golfer is swinging on plane.

Sweetspot/Center Face Impact
Though our main focus in the section is in regards to Sweetspot Path, one of the most overlooked elements of distance is sweetspot or center face impact.  Sweetspot Impact not only affects the distance keys of ball speed and clubhead speed but also accuracy.

With a driver, by not striking the golf ball on the clubface Sweetspot the golfer will lose 2 – 18 yards due to the reduction of just ball speed.

Likewise, with a driver, not striking the golf ball on the clubface Sweetspot, the golfer will lose 2% – 7% of their potential clubhead speed which equates to a distance loss of 6 – 28 yards depending on the golfers clubhead speed.

Our Approach
There is scientifically proven research of the positive cause and effect for implementation of this Key. Golfers who follow our simplistic approach to teaching this Key will receive and experience:

  1. How to “feel”
    1. The clubhead
    2. The sweetspot
  2. Simple cues that will have you:
    1. Hitting the ball first
    2. Clubface center strikes
    3. Hitting the ball further
    4. Improved accuracy
  3. Drills to assure:
    1. The delivery of sweetspot to the golf ball
    2. Continued improvement
    3. Developing the correct habit
    4. From habit to transference to the golf course