Improvement Plans

4 Keys to continued improvement and lower scores.

Guided Discovery
The value I bring as a coach is to take my wisdom and guide my students to figure things out on their own. This is guided discovery and the retention of that form of teaching is almost as good as if the student had figured it out themselves.

Long Term Development
Golf, and all athletic development, has several different parts that must work together to develop the complete golfer or athlete.  Skill training is cumulative which means that short term goals must not compromise long term development.   Think long term.

Progressive Skill Training
Progressive skill training is the development of golf skills gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.  Example would be as follows.  If you cannot control the three elements of the golf club (clubshaft, clubhead and clubface) in a 3 foot motion, a chip shot, one cannot expect to do so with a driver that moves approximately 22 feet.

Monitor Your Progress
A plan is developed, execute the plan, continually evaluate the plan and adjust the plan to assure that improved performance is achieved.  No matter if you are local or out of our area, we can monitor your progress.

Individual Coaching $90
Junior Coaching <17 $70
Elite Junior Development Program Per Plan Selected
3 Lesson Series $225
5 Lesson Series $350
10 Lesson Series $650
Online Instruction  Multiple Plans
All-Inclusive Vacation Packages Per Itinerary