Junior Development Program


Golf – “A Sport of a Lifetime”

Overview – With a passion for junior golf, our junior golf program was developed that today includes more than 50 junior golfers on the Florida panhandle. Over the last few years, golfers in the program have won more than 150 junior tournaments, and many are highly ranked on the Junior Golf Scoreboard.

The Purestrike Junior Development Program invites junior golfers of all skill levels, ages 6-18, to participate in a fun and engaging golf education experience.  Students can participate in skills based activities within their respective age group, promoting growth within their individual games.  Whether a beginner or an avid player, our juniors can enjoy all the information and challenges that await them in the Junior Golf Program.  The Purestrike Development Program gives junior golfers a head start in today’s competitive high school and college golf environment.

Top 7 reasons to introduce your child to golf:

  1. Everyone plays unlike team sports.
  2. Minimal risk as golf is a non-contact sports.
  3. Time Outdoors, unlike sitting at home playing video games, golf is about being outside, under the sun and soaking in the greenery.
  4. Important Life Lessons such as focus, precision, patience, honesty, healthy competition, and integrity.
  5. It’s FUN as they’ll have the chance to learn new skills both physical and mental, make new friends and discover new opportunities.
  6. Socialization as junior golf will introduce him or her to other like-minded students with similar interests that can last both on and off the golf course.
  7. Physical Fitness


The Program is easily defined as Monthly Golf Education.  Like the process to improve your health or body through working out at a gym, golf should follow a similar format of FREQUENCY and SUPPORT. 

I also like to compare it to the piano and learning an instrument approach. 

For example, when a parent hires an instructor to teach their child to play the piano, the parent desires for their child to make progress and they want to see results.  In many cases the results are more important to the parent and teacher than it is to the student. Why?  There are many reasons for this but we will put that on the back burner for another day.  The whole concept though is that the student sees a teacher, learns from said teacher, goes home and either by force or desire, the student will practice their scales so there is improvement prior to the next practice session.  Why?  In most cases, mom demands it!  There is accountability.  The ladder of progression then starts to take shape whereby the student gets better and a sense of accomplishment begins to create a drive in the student to improve even further.

Learning the piano or any instrument is a process and a worthwhile skill to develop. And sports, golf in particular, are the same.  The skill and movement in golf can bode well for youth and adults which can affect their quality of life for a lifetime.  Couple that with the exposure it brings, plus the core values it develops, makes it something that we should hold our children accountable, not unlike that of playing an instrument.


The program includes multiple private 60-minute lesson each month. The lesson type will be at the discretion of the Director of Instruction and the needs of the junior golfer. The lesson type could be short game, fullswing, on course training or tournament prep.


Each month we offer multiple opportunities for what we call “Supervised Practices”. These are group lessons which are comparable to a “Study Hall” or “Open Gym”. These are opportunities for the junior golfer to work on their games under the watchful eye of coaches to assure they are working on their assigned drills and applying the best possible practice techniques for continual improvement. Though a level of structure is maintained it is an opportunity for self-discovery.

Following are a few successes our junior golfers have achieved:


  • Columbia
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Illinois State
  • Western Kentucky
  • Huntingdon
  • Rhodes
  • Coastal Georgia
  • Oglethorpe
  • And more….

Other accomplishments: 

  • Back-2-Back Tennessee individual state champ
  • 2 members of 2016 Louisiana HS State Champs
  • 4 time female golfer of the year
  • Twice- Two times boys high school player of the year
  • Ping collegiate regional All-American
  • Ivy League Player of the Year
  • 34 first team all-area players
  • 11 middle school individual champions
  • 150+ Tournament Wins
  • And more…..

In 2017 our Junior Golf Elite Program will be limited to 20 golfers and/or families. We will begin the interviewing and acceptance process in November, so don’t delay.

For those not in the Junior Golf Elite Program, we welcome you to arrange for Private Lessons or to be part of our Beginner Program.

For more information please contact Randy by using the contact form below.  Thank you.