Lesson – Take When Hitting Good


The most important thing to do in golf, if you desire to move to the next level with your game, is to take lessons when you’re hitting the ball good.   If you don’t implement this approach then you’re always taking lessons to get back to where you were.

This particular golfer is hitting the ball pretty good so our first step was to look deeper into the “Why” he was hitting it good.  One of the instruments we implemented was my 3D software, shown in this video.  Once a few key points were identified, as to why he was hitting the ball good, then we dug deeper and prioritized a couple of areas that could be improved.

As an example, one of the points identified was to strive to get off the ground more dynamically and with speed.  We approached by implementing an attentional focus on an external cue.  Through guided self-discovery the student then took my initial cueing and then worked through the solution and came up with his own cue.  By doing so he then had autonomy and ownership of his process which is a key for performance and transference to and on the golf course.

This one particular cue also had a trickle-down effect, in a positive manner, on several other key components which could use some improvement.  This is why, as a coach, I look to find one aspect that can have a positive influence on other components of the golf swing instead of addressing several components in the hopes of having a positive influence on one component.  One methodology is the short way home while the other methodology is taking the long way home.

So the final goal was to do nothing that would disrupt his already pretty solid ballstriking and scoring, but make some key enhancements to his motion to assist in moving him to another level.  Armed with the information and solutions, it is now in the hands of the player to put in the work and move his game and scoring to a new level.

Can this approach assist you with your game?  The resounding answer is….YES!  No matter what level you are presently, this approach can and will get you to that next level you long to be at.

Know your “Why”.  Schedule your evaluation today.