PureStrike – “the” Book

The everyday golfers that Randy Sparks, Director of Instruction at the PureStrike Golf Academy in Destin Florida, sees on the lesson tee — and the questions they ask — inspired him to author, with Medicus Golf, the book “PureStrike: The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency”.

For the past several years Randy had been exploring to define and develop a simplistic, but effective, approach to golf game improvement.  During the exploration and research it became quite clear that there were a handful of elements, when improved, ball striking improved and as ball striking improved, so did performance, with an end result of improved scores.  This handful of elements then took on the title of “the Five Simple Keys”.  The term “key” suggests that something is essential and foundational.  That’s exactly what these five Simple Keys are — they’re the base on which you build your swing.

As you have seen and witnessed, the swings of most PGA Tour professionals are all slightly different — in fact, no two swings on the planet are exactly alike, nobody is perfect, and no one golfer will hit each Key perfectly during each and every swing — but this does not override the fact of the importance of each Key and their importance for every swing, and for everyone, to continually strive to improve.

Though these keys have been written and talked about many times, until now no one has ever been able to present the Keys in such a simple and organized fashion.

The concepts and recommendations in PureStrike have been battle-tested and refined through Randy’s real-world teaching of golfers at all skill levels in Destin Florida, both in one-on-one lessons and large group clinics.

Now you too can learn the 5 Simple Keys from the co-author of the book, “PureStrike™:  The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency”, staff and coaches.